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Posted on: Friday, Nov 22, 2013

From Garry White of Bluefunk Rhythm and Blues Club:

Hi Folks:

It pains me greatly to say this but the future of Bluefunk Rhythm and Blues Club is in the balance. Since the club moved its primary base of operations from the WMC, Poynton to Cabin 5150 in Macclesfield very few of those on this Mailing List (nearly 600 strong) have even been  to try the Cabin. There have been  notable exceptions of hardcore Bluefunksters who still do come with passionate regularity and what ever happens I will try and keep them keep them informed of events worthy of their attendance.

These stalwarts will testify what a fabulous place Cabin 5150 is. The sound and lighting system is a cut above and the quality of acts that have played for us since it opened has been diverse and superb, all of whom have adored the place and all of whom requested to return even when they know they can make more money in alternative larger capacity venues.

It has come down to pure economics. When I first started Bluefunk, I subsidised every event out of my own pocket until the great day arrived, nearly a year after it was founded, that I broke even. That was all I ever wanted plus the joy of working with world class musicians, and discovering the next generation who were going to keep the blues alive in perpetuity.

At the moment with one or two notable exceptions it has almost arrived back at square one.  It appears that only the ‘names’ will draw people in numbers enough to make an event pay. Even then it sometimes does not work. 30 people for Simon McBride, one of the finest guitarists ever to come out of Ireland. is tragic and thoroughly embarrassing. Particularly when he was selling out venues 3 and 4 times the capacity up and down the country. Was he pissed off? No. He played out of his skin. He loved the venue and called it the ‘Ronnie Scott’s of the north.’

Go on to the website now!archive/c6yn – scroll down and reminisce a while.

At the moment I am of the mind to run the gigs that are already booked and call it a draw. I no longer feel the need to pay a band out of my own pocket any more for the benefit of a couple of dozen people. It is a lot easier and cheaper to drive a hundred mile round trip to see a great band in an inferior venue. Which is what I used to do.

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