Review: Dan Bubien – Empty Roads

Posted on: Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013


Dan Bubien – Empty Roads


Not a blues album this one, though as Dan tackles vintage soul (try the pounding ‘Love Games’), smooth 70s styled soul (‘Keep Love In Mind’), southern rock (‘Empty Words’ recalls classic Little Feat), hard, slippery funk (‘Fight Club’), a little country-tinged blues (‘Exile Blues’) and a honky tonk gospel approach (‘Sniper’), many readers should find it of interest.

Dan, from Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, is an excellent singer, reminiscent of Sam Cooke or Smokey Robinson in places, and helped by some appropriate arrangements (though he did make me think of Robert Plant on the very Zeppelin-esque ‘To Youngstown’.

It should be borne in mind that those categories just mentioned above are not mutually exclusive – as Dan proves time and again here. Worth a listen, I’d say.


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