Review: Fossen & Struijk Band – Clubbing

Posted on: Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013


Fossen & Struijk Band – Clubbing

(Music Avenue/Blues Boulevard)

This outfit won the Dutch Blues Challenge in 2012 and has since been acclaimed in the American blues press. Having listened to this set, that is no great surprise.

This four-piece band plays raw Chicago blues very much in the style of the purists’ favourite, the late, great Magic Slim. Robbert Fossen on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Peter Struijk on guitars, bassist Jan Markus and drummer Eduard Nijenhuis know how to hit that classic, low-down groove and keep it there throughout, with the guitars and blues harp punctuating and piercing the irresistible rhythms in time-honoured fashion, though sadly this style is all too rarely heard these days – and rarely as effectively as it is here.

The noisy cover of Muddy Waters’ ‘Can’t Be Satisfied’ has just acoustic guitar and harp, and on many blues revival albums it would be a highlight – here it breaks the flow just a little.


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