Pick of the Year – Brian Harman

Posted on: Monday, Dec 23, 2013



I do not have any particular hard and fast favourite albums for this past year but, as I have, shall we say, somewhat eclectic tastes; I have chosen the following as a sample of the aural delights that are out there (In my humble opinion) for all to enjoy so, in no particular order I have thought of the following: Aaron Neville; My True Story, Charles Bradley; Victim of Love, David Egan; David Egan, Grand Marquis; Blues and Trouble, Too Slim and the Taildraggers; Blue Heart, and The CD Woodbury band; Monday Night! And lastly, the fine debut E.P. from, Red Butler.

Of the few concerts that I have attended over this last year, the one I hugely enjoyed and remember most fondly, was when in May of this year I saw Larry Garner and the Norman Beaker Band at the Arnhem Gallery in Croydon; not only for the stunning performances put in by all and sundry but also, for the fact that despite the audience attendance level only managed to creep into the twenties, Larry and Norman’s band played two separate blindin’ sets, which exquisitely mesmerised the few of us that were there.

Have a Cool Yule and a Bluesy New Year!


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