Review: Link Wray featuring Joey Welz – Rumble & Roll

Posted on: Thursday, Jan 2, 2014


Link Wray featuring Joey Welz – Rumble & Roll

(Music Avenue/Rokarola)

North Carolina born Link was one of the original rock and roll pioneers, and thanks to his tough 1958 instrumental hit ‘Rumble’, he is often justifiably cited as the inventor of the power chord and consequently a major influence on guitarists from Jimmy Page and The Who’s Pete Townsend onwards.

This CD – which features former Bill Haley’s Comet Joey Welz on vocals and keyboards – contains material recorded around the end of the 60s, most of quite obviously so due to some country and Dylan-flavoured songs – but there is some material that is clearly of a later date.

‘Listen To The Voices’ is a tribute to John Lennon that opens with gun-shots! ‘Rumble-69’ updates Link’s first hit and has an anonymous blues harmonica wailing in the background, and the cover of Chuck Willis’ ‘It’s Too Late’ is perhaps not unexpected, but much of the material is bright and gentle and probably not of much interest to those looking for roots rock and roll.


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