Review: The Dirty Aces – The Sinnin’ ‘Gainst Me EP

Posted on: Thursday, Jan 9, 2014

The Sinnin_ _Gainst Me EP Cover Artwork.jpg

The Dirty Aces – The Sinnin’ ‘Gainst Me EP

(Movin Music)

Here’s a cracking three track EP from The Dirty Aces, led by Jersey harmonica ace Giles Robson, with guitarist Filip Kozlowski,  and on these recordings Mike Hellier on drums and Ian Jennings on bass – the road band will mainly feature Simon Small on drums, and Adam Bertenshaw on bass. Presumably a taster for a forthcoming album – which should be a treat if these cuts are anything to go by.

The title track  has a raunchy, garage r&b feel that combines American grunge and the more British flavours of the likes of Dr Feelgood . . . with Giles Robson’s tough-toned harmonica to the fore with Filip Kozlowski’s fine guitar work and the driving rhythm section of Mike Hellier and Ian Jennings.

“That Simple Step” is no quite so frantic, kicking off with more explosive harmonica – it has a Stonesy swagger to it; the EP rounded off by a guitar salvo intro from Kozlowski on the punchy “Ain’t No Forgettin'” – it’s a tough rocker that fairly rattles along, with key contributions from all band members.


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