Review of the Year: Grahame Rhodes (Part 1)

Posted on: Saturday, Jan 11, 2014

wooden h album cover.jpg

A few belated words on the year just gone . .  . 2013 . . .


Ten releases I enjoyed last year . . . in no particular order! (OK, technically 11, with the two Gary Fletcher albums)

1. Wooden Horse – This Kind Of Trouble

2. Thomas Ford – Breaking Everything But Even

3. Trickbag – With Friends Vol. 1

4. James Cotton – Cotton Mouth Man

5.  John Ginty – Bad News Travels

6. Gary Fletcher – Giant From The Blue / In Solitary

7. Mike Andersen – Self-titled release

8. Kara Grainger – Shiver & Sigh

9. David Migden & The Dirty Words – Killing It

10. Devon Allman –  Turquoise

Also enjoyed Anders Osborne “Peace”, Larry Miller’s “Live & Outlawed” and EP releases from our own Sam Hare and the fine German band, Cosmic Finger.

Many thanks to all who sent CDs for review. With our very small team we endeavour to review as many as possible and ALWAYS have a huge backlog . . . it’s not always possible to review everything, but we do our best, and also endeavour to listen to as much as possible that a pesky day job will allow (in my case!).

Once again, thanks all!


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