Review: Craig Hughes – Losers And Bastards

Posted on: Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014


Craig Hughes – Losers And Bastards

(Channel Nowhere)

Uncompromising Glaswegian bluesman Craig Hughes is back with another raw collection and boy, he is p*ssed off again, big style. His raw, stomping  blues are probably amongst the toughest around, and well worthy of your attention.

Coming from the same ‘turf’ as fellow Scotsman Dave Arcari, Craig’s music is in a similar mode and, as mentioned, as raw and honest as it comes . . . from his ‘bear’ of a voice to his slide and fingerpicked guitar – he also plays bass. The ten tracks on “Losers And Bastards” are all self-penned. Like the previous, and again possessing a quite superb title, “P*ssed Off, Bitter And Willing To Share” – he is firmly taking no prisoners!

The songs deal with the despair of everyday life, and you get the impression that Craig does what he does and if you like it fine, and if not . . . well I like it. The music ranges from uptempo Delta blues-styled stompers and gentler tunes such as “Future After All” . . . he ‘rocks out’ on the wry “Beans And Bread” . . . maybe sounding like ZZ Top if they came from Govan . . . excellent!

The electric “Everyone’s Got To Cheat And Lie Sometime” is a standout, as is the closing and lengthy “Wood And Wire”, with Hughes grungy electric guitar and the drums of Tommy Duffin, who also contributes guitar on one track – telling how a man can always rely on his guitar. Recommended for those who like their blues served raw!


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