Review: Blues Boy Kings – Second Time Around

Posted on: Saturday, Jan 18, 2014

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Blues Boy Kings – Second Time Around


From Lincolnshire, the Blues Boy Kings  are a blues band of high calibre and are active on the festival circuit. The album ‘Second Time Around’ is their second CD release.

The band consists of Jason North – guitars/vocals, Sam North – bass/vocals, Mark Barrett – drums, Dave Taylor – saxophone, Steve Gooding – keyboard, Dave Hunt – harmonica

All songs are self penned by Jason and Sam North and the album is a self-release.

The first track on the album ‘I’m A Blues Boy’, breaks into a bit of ‘swing’. A great intro’ and what a well put together track with superb guitar and sax with Jason on vocals. The next track ‘Second Time Around’ and the namesake of the album, has Sam on vocals with this Chicago-style blues. Some classic sax playing.

‘Killing Time’ changes the mood with a rootsy acoustic track, with some great slide guitar. Then rockin’ it up with ‘In Your Arms’. I love the sax on this track and the really getting ‘down and dirty’ guitar work too.

The next track takes us away from traditional blues, with Sam on vocals.’Believe In Me’ is a lovely song with haunting sax playing and guitar work and great vocals from Sam. Next another acoustic track with shades of Bonnie Raitt, ‘Cry You A River’ with Sam and Jason on vocals.

Another version of ‘Killing Time’, but this time a rocky electric version with Jason on vocals. Great blues harp playing and guitar work. A well put together track with tight musicianship. A change again with a soul-influenced track ‘Thing About Love’, a real up tempo funky blues number with a great guitar solo.

The last track on this excellent album has a bit of a ZZ Top feel ‘Can’t Get Any Worse’. It is a great up tempo rockin’ number. A good flagship for all the musicians, with superb harp, guitar and thumping drums.

All in all a well put together album. I have seen these guys live and for me that is the way to really appreciate how good the musicianship of this band is, but the album is well worth a listen.

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