Review: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Give The People What They Want

Posted on: Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014


Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings –  Give The People What They Want


This album was originally due to be released in August of last year but, due to the announcement issued earlier in June, that Sharon had been diagnosed with stage one cancer of the bile duct and that immediate surgery was required, everything else was put on hold until further notice. Now, after successful surgery and treatment Sharon has recovered and now throws herself and her band into their previously planned touring commitments.

Lasting just over 34 minutes Sharon’s music adheres to the old principles of getting in quick and delivering a knockout blow and getting out fast, the ten numbers here contain the punching, stunning and slightly psychedelic dizzying flavours of soul and funk that emanated from labels of all sizes in the sixties, they were grown and flowered in such diverse places as Memphis, Detroit, Chicago and beyond.

The hip-hugging dance floor furrows of “We Get Along” exude a particular warmth and optimism whereas, the funky blasting “People Don’t Get What They Deserve.” asks about the fairness of life in the world today. “Slow Down Love” is a shimmeringly beautiful slowburning ode to love complete with stuttering horns and Sharon faultlessly delivering sweet, sweet words of deep affection.

“Long Time, Wrong Time “, is a funky upbeat groover, where Sharon is reconsidering the merits of returning to a long lost love affair. “Making Up and Breaking Up”, presents sumptuous vocals from Sharon, delivering a heartbreaking/heart-warming ballad, which features glorious backing vocals from the Dapettes and magical stuttering mellifluous horns.

Whether you prefer only original soul and funk from the sixties or, are willing to embrace the continued metamorphosis of the soul and funk blueprint; as adhered to by artists such as Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, the one fact that you cannot deny is their continued commitment to the production of high quality musical performances.

Highly Recommended!


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