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Posted on: Monday, Feb 3, 2014

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Chris Bevington And Friends


Chris Bevington, hailing from the Stoke-on-Trent area, had a vision of putting together an album to include many of his notable friends. This album, ‘Chris Bevington And Friends’ is the product of a lot of hard work and time, but it has certainly paid off!!

On the album Chris Bevington plays bass or double bass on all tracks with guests Scott Ralph and Jim Kirkpatrick on guitar and vocals, George Glover (Climax Blues Band), Aidan Goldshaw and Mark Hargeaves on keys, Paul Burgess (10cc) and Andy Carr on drums, Rob Wilkinson on harmonica, Jamie Bannister on sax and Angela Lazenby and Sarah Miller on backing vocals. The album was produced and engineered by Daniel Rowley.

The first track on this splendid album is ‘Dark Side Of Love’. A hard hitting, uptempo blues number with a funky edge and probably one of my favourites. It has great vocals and guitar from Scott Ralph, with excellent sax and Hammond input. A brilliant track and so well put together. Next, ‘Let Me Know’, has a fantastic ‘full on’ band sound, with Jamie Bannister on superb sax.

‘She’s Out There’, an honest rockin’ it up 12 bar blues, has some great harmonica input from Rob Wilkinson. This is followed by a slow blues ‘All I Want Is You’ with haunting harp playing from Rob and some great acoustic guitar and vocals.

Another of my favourite track ‘Was’, has a great raw acoustic slide guitar intro leading into ‘get down and dirty’ electric overtones. A class guitar solo from Jim Kirkpatrick, with Paul Burgess thrashing the skins and Chris Bevington on thumping bass. Rob Wilkinson also does a great job on harmonica, I just love it! Some superb finger picking acoustic guitar, with stomp on the next track, ‘Heart Of Blues’ . The track then morphs to a southern feel and the electric slide guitar kicks in midway, reminiscent of a Derek Trucks number

Funky blues as it should be played ,’I Don’t Need No Doctor’ gives classy funky rhythms. It has great vocals and guitar from Scott Ralph and backing vocals from Sarah Miller. Following on, an interesting up tempo ‘funky’ rendition of ‘Crossroads’, with a competent guitar solo. The multi tracking gave this number an ‘added extra’.

‘Somehow Somewhere Someway’ is a classic Chicago style blues. A great all round track and very well mastered. The lilting track ‘Blue On Black’ next, has that ‘Southern rock’ feel with classic guitar solo and great vocals from Jim Kirkpatrick. An easy listen.

The last track ‘Party Right Here’, on this superb album, is an uptempo rock n’ roll track with some first class boogie piano from George Glover, guitar playing and vocals from Scott Ralph and keeping that rhythm going – Andy Carr on drums with Chris Bevington on bass, with Angela Lazenby on backing vocals. A great rockin’ track to finish the album.

All I can say is ‘Wow’!!! What a brilliantly put together album and what class musicianship. It’s an album you can put on again and again and not be bored, the variety of the content is superb. So well done Chris Bevington for turning your vision into reality. It is one of the best albums I have heard in a while and I will look forward to catching any live performances in the future.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive

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