Review: Kim Simmonds And Savoy Brown – Goin’ To The Delta

Posted on: Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014

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Kim Simmonds And Savoy Brown – Goin’ To The Delta

(Ruf Records)

Having heard Savoy Brown from their beginnings in 1965, it’s interesting to see where they are now. Kim Simmonds is the founder member of the band and it’s great to see he is still going strong!

Due for release on 10th February, 2014 on Ruf Records, the album ‘Goin’ To The Delta’, has the line-up of Kim Simmonds – guitar/vocals, Pat DeSalvo – bass, Garnet Grimm – drums. All the tracks are self-penned by Kim and he also produced the album.

The first track ‘Laura Lee’, is a great standard 12 bar blues, whilst rockin’ it up a bit. Following this,’Sad News’, another 12 bar, with a slower pace. Superb guitar work on this track.

‘Nuthin’ But The Blues’ is an uptempo number, leaning towards rock, with ‘When You’ve Got A Good Thing’ getting in the ‘groove’ for the blues. Love the bass on this track.

The next track is an uptempo instrumental,’Cobra’, a definite derivative from the rockin’ 70’s ZZ Top, but what great guitar. A bit of a different feel with a ‘funky’ blues ‘Backstreet Woman’.

The title track ‘Goin’ To The Delta’ is a rockin’ rhythm and blues number, with that 60’s Chicago feel. Following this is a slow classic blues, ‘Just A Dream’, again with great guitar input from Kim.

‘Turn Your Lamp On’ is an upbeat Chicago style rhythm and blues number. But a change on the next track ‘I Miss Your Love’, which is a classic 12 bar blues with some great slide guitar.

Back to the Chicago feel with ‘Sleeping Rough’and to end this classic album an uptempo rhythm and blues number, ‘Going Back’.

The album is definitely a revisit to the 60’s and 70’s, having the classic feel of blues of that era. Kim still has the star quality for his guitar work, perhaps the vocals were a little ‘thin’ in places, but it is a great nostalgic take on what was one of the best periods of the blues and as Savoy Brown were there at the beginning, who best to do a ‘retake’ .

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