Review: Rabbit Foot – Dark Tales (EP)

Posted on: Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014


Rabbit Foot – Dark Tales (EP)

From Sussex, Rabbit Foot are a duo and describe their music as – “Voodoo infused, African flavoured, swamp rock boogie blues”. It certainly has an individual feel but the EP, ‘Dark Tales’ may not be to everyone’s taste.

Carla Viegas provides superb vocals and wild drumming on African drums and Jamie Morgan some fiery raw guitar and vocals. The music certainly gives a different take from the norm.

The first track ‘Tip My Hat’ gives a good overview of Carla’s voice and sets the scene for the wild feel of the EP. The next track ‘Suite 136’ has a more rhythmic feel with Jamie and Carla on vocals.

On ‘She Comes To Me’, Carla is the main voice, with input from Jamie. I think this was my favourite track on the album. Jamie leads on vocals on ‘Stubborn Child’. with the final track ‘1234’, an up tempo number with wild rhythms, with Jamie on vocals.

The EP is certainly different, with Carla thrashing the African drums with repetitive and wild rhythms in her unique way. She has a superb voice, of which I would have liked to have heard more of. Jamie provides the ‘meat’ for the tracks with some off the wall, hard edged, primal and raw, screeching guitar. This definitely gives the one off sound that is Rabbit Foot.

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