Review: The Trevor Sewell Band – Independence

Posted on: Sunday, Mar 9, 2014

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The Trevor Sewell Band – Independence


From the North East, The Trevor Sewell Band are well seasoned musicians with a raft of awards under their belt. Fronting the band, on this album ‘Independence’, is Trevor Sewell on vocals, guitars, mandolin and keys, Brian Emerson on bass, Steve Vine on drums with guests Georgina Biddle on electric violin and Lorraine Crosby on vocals. All the tracks are self penned.

The first track ‘The Train’ is a full on stomp with some ace slide guitar and harmonica and Trevor revealing his great ‘get down and dirty’ voice. This is followed by an atmospheric number, ‘Calling Me Home’ , loving the rhythms on this with great acoustic and electric guitar input.

‘Fade to Grey’ is an acoustic number which is one of my favourites on the album. Great guitar and harmonica with the excellence of Trevor’s voice. Following on is a well put together slow number, ‘The Moments Gone’ .

With the easy listen of the up tempo ‘DNA’ , to the violin infused acoustic track ‘No Future’ which has a definite Eastern European feel, it all makes for a variety of listening. ‘Home Alone’ with shades of Dire Straits maybe and the stomping up tempo track, ‘Talked To The Devil’ all adds to this.

Again another easy listen track, ‘Take These Chains’, with some interesting keyboard input and underlying raw guitar. There is a change on the next track ‘How Does That Work’ with the introduction of a raunchy female vocalist. A great up tempo track, a bit more rockin’, with mixed percussion input which works well.

I love the last track on the album, ‘One Wish’, some great Bo Diddley rhythms. Also an interesting mix of instruments and percussion, a great foot tapper.

The whole album has been brilliantly mastered, my only reservation would be, could they reproduce this great sound when playing live? I heard influences of perhaps Dire Straits, Tom Waits with a touch of Bruce Springsteen and John Hiatt but I think Trevor certainly has his own style and the album was a pleasing listen. Class musicians win the day!

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