Review: Christina Skjolberg – Come And Get It

Posted on: Saturday, Apr 12, 2014

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Christina Skjolberg – Come And Get It

(Ruf Records: RUF 1198)

Christina Skjolberg is described as Norway’s best kept secret. She has now emerged with her debut album ‘Come And Get It’, released in March 2014. Providing a mix of rock, blues and funk , the influences of her music are clearly steeped in the 1970’s.

The line up on the album are Christina Skjolberg – guitars and vocals, Tore Slattsveen – bass and backing vocals, Min Miettinen on drums, Harri Taittonen on keys, Brynjuff Blix on Clarinet and Steinar Varnes on trumpet. All the tracks on the album are self penned.

The first track ‘Come And Get It’ and the name sake of the album, is a funky number with the use of wah-wah and fuzzbox and has a proficient guitar solo, with an added bit of Hammond in the background. Following this, a rock track ‘Runaway’, with heavier guitar playing, but perhaps the vocals could have been a little stronger to give a bit more ‘grit to this track. Some great 70’s style Hammond input.

‘Close The Door’ gives us a blues rock number with some excellent guitar playing from Christina. On ‘Bullet’ there is interesting ‘play’, combining guitars and with a solid rhythm section. A change with a funky blues number ‘Get On’, some great brass input. This track suited Christina’s voice. Easing the tempo down, ‘Moving On’ is a slower rocky blues.

The next track ‘Inspiration’ gives us a bit more ‘grit’ with this up tempo rockin’ number and ‘Hush’, a classic rock, has great rhythms. ‘I’m Back’ is an uptempo standard rock blues number with full on Hammond input. This leads onto a heavier funky number, ‘Mrs Funk’ , which has a full on good sound. The final track ‘Nag Blues’ is a rockin’ up tempo blues number with Hammond again and some effective use of reverb.

An okay album with some excellent guitar playing and general musicianship. Perhaps Christina might team up with another vocalist next time to add that bit of ‘earth’ to her more rocky tracks. But all in all a well done album.

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