Review: Alex Danson – Making Tracks

Posted on: Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

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Alex Danson – EP – Making Tracks

(Self-release – Digital release date: 31/03/14)

Alex Danson is a young, talented, singer/songwriter from the Preston area, with a lot of determination . The acoustic release ‘Making Tracks’ is an ‘easy listen’ and it gives a good overview of this young man’s capabilities. Having heard his live sets, he can also thump out a blues number with the best of them, so maybe we’ll hear some of these on his next album.

All the songs on the EP are written and played by Alex.

The first track and the name sake of the EP, ‘Making Tracks’, is a well played slow acoustic number. A lovely track with great vocals and a superb acoustic guitar solo. Following this is a Dylan-esque, up tempo number ‘Persistence’, with a ‘folky’ feel. Alex has an excellent finger picking style.

‘Walking On’ is and easy listen number with a gentle bossa nova beat. It is beautifully played on the acoustic guitar and has some great lyrics. The final track on the exceptional EP is ‘Let Me Be Good To You’, showcasing some of the wonderful acoustic guitar playing from Alex.

An excellent ‘starter’ album and I’m sure we will hear more from this talented young man in the not too distant future.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive

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