News: Emerging Artists – Brothers Groove – British Blues Awards 2014

Posted on: Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014


Our regular Lancashire correspondent, Rosy Greer, has been asked by the BBA to put a brief overview of one of the nominees for the Emerging Artist category, Brothers Groove . . . we are delighted to share it here:

From Birmingham, ‘The Brothers Groove’ have hit the road running with their debut album, ‘Play The Game’. Produced by the award winning producer Wayne Proctor, the album is a superb rendition of blues and rhythm & groove. Such a ‘cool’ and incredibly tight band in their performances, they are a ‘must see’ band live, to gain the full ‘Brothers’ experience!! Songs like ‘Another Girl’ will just blow you away, it is delivered with such passion. Whether playing to a festival audience or in a pub, they always give their all, for the love of the music.

They are, in my opinion, one of the best bands on the circuit at this time and are four of the most talented musicians I have seen for a long while. They are not on an ego trip, but having had a ‘vision’ while jamming together a few years ago, the three front men Shaun, Nige and Deano, decided to form a band. Shaun Hill, is an exceptional guitar player with passionate vocals. He has written most of the songs on their incredible album ‘Play The Game’, released earlier this year. Nige Mellor is another superb musician on guitar and vocals. Deano Bass who has been on the circuit for many years, plays groovin’ bass with some backing vocals. The newest addition and not one of the original ‘brothers’ is Jim Simpson on powerhouse drums. Jim is a seasoned musician and has played with Magnum and UFO, but he has slotted well into ‘the groove’.

Persistence, dedication and passion has paid off and the band have deservedly been nominated in Blues Band and Emerging Artist categories of the British Blues Awards 2014, and all I can say is they are just brilliant!!!

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive, April 2014

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