Review: Andy Twyman – Blues You Haven’t Heard Before

Posted on: Sunday, Apr 27, 2014

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Andy Twyman – Blues You Haven’t Heard Before


Hailing from Sussex, Andy Twyman’s album ‘Blues You Haven’t Heard Before’ certainly lives up to its name. Andy is a lone player and one man band, of which he has certainly become a master of. He plays drums, guitar, harmonica and sings live and simultaneously. I believe all the tracks on the album are self penned.

The first track on this interesting album, ‘I Eat Pot Noodles With A Plastic Fork’ with ‘tongue in cheek’ lyrics, has some great blues harmonica playing. Following this a slow blues, ‘Afraid Of The Blues’, with some superb slide guitar. Great vocals throughout.

‘Stand Up’ is a great up tempo number with some excellent finger picking guitar, a real foot tapper and again, some great lyrics, brilliant! Loved the next track ‘You Ain’t Fat’, a standard 12 bar blues with a ‘twist’ …. added humour along with the excellent playing.

One for the ‘Trekkies’, an off the wall track ‘I Want To Be Captain Kirk’ . The next number, ‘Sharkey’s Bar’, blew me away with the use of a bass guitar played as the lead. It’s difficult to believe it’s only Andy playing. Love it!

Next we have a ‘lilting ditty’, ‘Information Freedom’, telling a story, perhaps in the similar style of Ian Dury. Some haunting harmonica and a well put together track. Slowing things down, ‘Relax’ is an easy 12 bar blues with simple percussion and great guitar playing.

‘Lick Luxembourg’ is an up tempo rockin’ number with some interesting ‘chat’ that made me smile. Andy could be, and sounds like a full band, just amazing multi tasking!!! The final track on this unique album strays away from ‘the blues’ and is the ‘bonus track’. A beautifully sung and played number ‘Field Of Heather’ leaning more towards popular folk. A lovely track.

Andy Twyman is a young and all round class musician and singer songwriter. He gives a ‘fresh’ approach to ‘the blues’ with the addition of some humour in the lyrics on some the tracks. I found the album not only entertaining, but also extremely well played and sung by this versatile and talented young man.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive & Independent Reviewer

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