Review: Ian Siegal – Man & Guitar

Posted on: Friday, May 9, 2014


Ian Siegal – Man & Guitar

(Nugene Records: NUG 1401)

Ian Siegal’s prestigious live, unplugged solo album ‘Man & Guitar’, was recorded by the BBC at the Royal Albert Hall, London for Bluesfest 2013 and is due for release on 12th May, 2014. Many of the tracks on the album are self-penned and were taken from previous albums. It is an ‘up close’ set with plenty of rapport with the audience interspersed with some story telling. The leaning of the album is towards country blues.

The first track ‘The Silver Spurs’ is a ‘speedy’ country blues. Great guitar work with the classic Siegal ‘voice’. Following this ‘Mary Don’t You Weep’, continues the country feel and with Ian getting the most out of the resonator guitar.

After a little story we have a great blues track, ‘Mortal Coil Shuffle’, one of Ian’s own. Superb slide guitar with the influences of Howlin’ Wolf being evident, just brilliant. Another brief chat then onto a Charlie Pattern classic ‘Pony Blues’, but with the Siegal stamp.

‘I Am A Train’, another Siegal track, has great lyrics and country feel. Then moving on to a real stomping country number ‘Taint Nobody’s Business’, with driving finger picking guitar and deep growling voice. This is a real foot tapper and an audience favourite.

Another story then onto another Siegal number, ‘Falling On Down Again’ with a Van Morrison-esque feel. A heartfelt track, sung with passion by Ian. Next a medley of traditional blues ‘Preaching Blues/ Live So God Can use You/ You Got To Move’ which added humour to the live performance and shows how Ian can captivate an audience. Superb.

‘Gallo De Cielo’ with an Hispanic feel, has a great story line. The final track and the encore on this fantastic album, ‘Hard Times(Come Again No More)’ , is a magic country style finger picking number, sung with great feeling by Ian and a excellent way to end the album.

Ian Siegal always puts 100% into his live performances and I think this comes across on this special album. It’s a ‘what you see is what you get’ and it does not disappoint. If you can’t get to see Ian live, this album will certainly be the next best thing!

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive

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