Review: Terry Gillespie – Bluesoul

Posted on: Thursday, May 15, 2014


Terry Gillespie – Bluesoul

(MAPL TEK13013-1)

This veteran Canadian singer/ guitarist/ harmonica player/ trumpeter/ bandleader has been playing since the 60s, He was a founder member of the 70s band Heaven’s Radio, a major influence on compatriot Sue Foley and has a variety of influences ranging across blues, jazz, soul, reggae and African music – and all of these have some bearing on this live set.

It is however, very clearly a blues album, as Terry intended, in response to fans’ requests, and it is also a very distinctive recording, sparse and focussed, with no one kind of blues dominant.

He is a little reminiscent of Taj Mahal in that he does draw on different styles; Terry opens and closes with a vaguely Howling Wolf styled ‘The Devil Likes To Win’, plays a mean, down-home blues harp number on ‘Early In The Morning’ or gets jazzily funky in a very laid-back, contemplative fashion on ’16 Days’, though he also chugs along nicely on ‘What Would Bo Diddley Do’ and both ‘She Walks Right In’ and the original composition ‘My Tipitina’ both reveal a debt to Professor Longhair.

This is a CD whose appeal grows with each play.


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