Review: Brothers Groove at Liverpool Marina – 15th May, 2014

Posted on: Sunday, May 18, 2014


Review: Brothers Groove at Liverpool Marina – 15th May, 2014

Birmingham-based Brothers Groove comprise guitarists Shaun Hill and Nigel Mellor, bass guitarist Deano ‘Bass’ and drummer Jim Simpson. The band has been evoking rave notices up and down the country with their energetic live performances and their highly-acclaimed album, Play The Game. Unsurprisingly, their first appearance in Liverpool attracted a substantial audience at The Marina.

The first set burst into life with a bouncing cover of The Meters’ instrumental, “Cissy Strut” followed by the funky rocker, “What’s The Deal”, the first of many fine, original compositions, with Shaun Hill on lead vocals. The shuffle, “Duty Calls”, made way for the slow and bluesy “Treat Em Mean”, with Nigel Mellor switching to effective slide mode on guitar.

“My Guitar” delivered a helping of upbeat funk, complete with a terrific guitar solo from Shaun Hill, before the jazzy, medium-paced “Another Fine Day” allowed both guitarists to strut their stuff backed by a superb, driving foundation from the rhythm section. The set was rounded off with the mellow, slow blues, “Another Girl”, which featured a tremendous, rippling solo from Hill.

Nigel Mellor took over lead vocals to open the second set with a rousing version of “Black Cat Bone” and the funk fest was continued with “Play The Game”, the title song of the band’s album, with the rhythm section in full flow once again. The mood was eased with “Easy Flow Love” before the fast-moving instrumental, “The Chicken” raised the tempo, as the two guitarists battled for supremacy whilst allowing Deano and Jim Simpson to demonstrate their own considerable talents with impressive cameos.

A fabulous rendition of another classic from The Meters’ songbook, “People Say”, saw Mellor back on lead vocals and another brace of guitar-based solos, suitably followed by an equally brilliant version of “Superstition” to bring the vibrant set to a splendid conclusion. By way of an encore, “Understand Me” put the finishing touches to a most enjoyable, funk-drenched evening.


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