Gig: Royal Southern Brotherhood / The Laurence Jones Band – The Grand, Clitheroe: Monday, 23rd June

Posted on: Friday, May 30, 2014

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Solid Entertainments is delighted to announce that Royal Southern Brotherhood will be playing at The Grand on Monday, 23rd June and with a limited presence in the UK in 2014, this is most definitely a show not to miss!

Royal Southern Brotherhood is an American blues and blues rock supergroup, consisting of singer and percussionist Cyril Neville, vocalist and guitarist Devon Allman, vocalist and guitarist Mike Zito, drummer Yonrico Scott, and bassist Charlie Wooton.

Cyril Neville: poet, philosopher, percussion master and perhaps the South’ last great soul singer.  Devon Allman: the son of Gregg Allman has rock ‘n’ roll in his DNA, but he’s always walked his own path.  Mike Zito: the blues ace whose ear for melody provides the counterpoint to his wingman’s rocking tendencies.  Bassist Charlie Wooton and drummer Yonrico Scott: both heavyweight names in their own right, with Charlie’s bass chops celebrated on the Southern jam scene for his sets with the Woods Brothers, and Yonrico hitting the skins for luminaries including the Derek Trucks Band, Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers themselves.

Before they even hit a chord, Royal Southern Brotherhood have your attention!  In the US South, where music is religion; in the saloon bars from Mississippi to Maryland,two rock ‘n’ roll bloodlines tower above all others – mere mention of the Allman and Neville Brothers casts a magic spell.  Conversation falls silent, Pool balls stop rolling, Ten-gallon hats are tipped in respect and beer-bottles raised in salute.  These aren’t just bands, they’re gods, and with a line-up comprising both the iconic Cyril Neville and Devon Allman, Royal Southern Brotherhood come pre-loaded with expectations.  Don’t worry, they can match them and although the family tree might seem auspicious, this new band trades on talent, not genealogy.  It’s not about rock history: it’s about the here-and-now!

In 2013, Royal Southern Brotherhood was nominated for a Blues Music Award in the ‘Rock Blues Album’ category and in 2014, they won a Blues Music Award in the ‘DVD of the Year’ category for “Songs From The Road”.

If you would like to get a true perspective of the brilliance of this band and their stunning live performances, then check out – an extract from Pete Feenstra says it all “Last night I musically journeyed thousands of miles to the deep south of Americana, but my passport stayed at home.  But nothing could have prepared me for the next two hours as Royal Southern Brotherhood delivered a spellbinding set that was beguiling and utterly relentless in its intensity”

They said that rock ‘n’ roll was dead, but they were wrong.  Right now, there’s something in the air as Royal Southern Brotherhood drag their thrilling new brand of blues-rock and white-hot musicianship from the Southern States onto the world stage.  The South is rising again, come along for the ride!.

Support, Laurence Jones is 21 years old and is already making a big name for himself.  “Laurence is like a young Robin Trower, exciting and full of energy”- BBC Radio 2 The “Laurence Jones Band” have played along side some big names. Walter Trout invited the band to support them on his 2013 UK Tour. “Laurence is a cross between Eric Clapton & Buddy Guy his is a genius, he sure has the feel”.

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