Review: Jules Carter Trio – Done Misbehaving

Posted on: Friday, Jun 27, 2014


Jules Carter Trio – Done Misbehaving

(Independent Release)

This is a curious album. Jules cites 70s American rock band Steely Dan as his prime influence, and that certainly seems to be the case here, with Jules’ high voice making the trio’s songs (all eleven tracks here are original compositions) immediately identifiable and distinctive, along with their frequent jazz-rock and jazz-funk structures.

The blues is an influence too – not only do Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin crop up in the lyrics to ’27 Club’, but ‘Since You Went Away’ is indeed an impassioned blues, albeit one with rather more harmonic sophistication than is usual. One of Jules’ great heroes, guitarist Elliott Randall (not just of Steely Dan, but much more more), guests on ‘The Purdie Shuffle’ about the great drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, which hits a fine, deep, bluesy groove – and of course there is some excellent extended guitar sparring.

Occasionally Jules shifts into singer/ songwriter territory- I am not overly keen on ‘Forever And A Day’ which is no doubt heartfelt but recalls the more maudlin, introspective side of Eric Clapton – nice guitar break though. Thankfully, it is followed by ‘But A Fool’ which features some hard riffing just when it feels that the album is in need of a little bit of grit, and ‘Bedroom Eyes’ has a fine 70s styled funk approach The closer is back to the solo non-blues style.

It is difficult to recommend this set to a blues readership, there is just not really enough blues content to justify it. Of course, if your tastes also run to Steely Dan and 70s jazz-funk, then by all means…


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