Review: Mojo Radio – Rise

Posted on: Thursday, Jul 3, 2014


Mojo Radio – Rise

(Grooveyard: GYR108)

This four-piece band is based in Wisconsin but much of the music here is the kind of powerhouse rock-blues at which Led Zeppelin excelled in their early days – take a listen to the riffing of the opening number, which starts with a Hill Country touch before exploding into a riffing rocker, and singer Adam Zierten adds some fine touches on blues harp (as he does on the majority of the numbers on this 10 track album).

‘Death Of Me’ similarly opens almost as a funky blues before Adam roars in, sounding very like Robert Plant with Jason Peterson adding some excellent Jimmy Page flavoured playing behind him, and the rhythm section of Scott Aumann (bass) and drummer Brent King raise the roof.

‘Changing Of The Tide’ has Adam offering hints of Paul Rodgers in his days with Free, before things ease a little with the acoustic-based (that’s a very loose description) soul-tinged Americana approach of ‘See It Through’, and ‘Darken My Door’ takes us to church – and then gets us thrown out as we all get up to the infectious blues-rockin’ groove.

‘War Horse’ rides a dirty, heavy riff, ‘Avalanche’ is an up tempo rock item, ‘Hold Your Breath’ again leans just a little towards Americana and ‘Come Hell Or Muddy Water’ is a supercharged heavy (blues-) rocker, before a slightly country tinged ‘110912’ closes out an excellent set.

I really enjoyed this set – it might not be terribly original, but if you were around in the late 60s and early 70s, you’ll definitely go for it.


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