Review: Psychedelic Blue Ox – The Rainbow Tail EP

Posted on: Sunday, Jul 13, 2014

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(Self Release)

Psychedelic Blue Ox is a neo-psychedelic rock band and is a partnership between Alan Kaishin Crawford and Colin Ives, both from the North West. Their EP, ‘The Rainbow’s Tail’, draws from blues rock and progressive rock influences such as Pink Floyd, Cream and the Beatles to name a few. All the tracks on the EP are written, performed, recorded and mixed by the guys and the album is a self release.

The first track on this four track EP, ‘Slipping Away, Slipping Down’, has heavy fuzz with a definite Cream influence. Some great vocals and harmonies and a mean guitar solo from Alan. There is plenty of varied instrumental input, plus well worked bass from Colin and some acoustic guitar giving a really good sound overall.

‘Life Is What You Make It’ is slower in tempo, but with pounding rhythms on the drums from Colin, giving an epic sound. Next, with reminiscent sounds from the 60’s, ‘Sleep Silent Dreams’, has terrific harmonies with a leaning towards the Beatles or Pink Floyd. The electric guitar works well with acoustic guitar and the vocals are superb.

The final track on this exceptional album and its name sake, ‘The Rainbow’s Tail’ is a beautifully worked track with slow rhythms and poignant harmonies, which is its main feature. There is also some magical guitar playing from Alan.

The EP gives a good ‘taster’ for what is in store on a full album and it is refreshing getting away from the standard blues rock, to explore the progressive rock genre. The influences of the greats are there, but ‘Psychedelic Blue Ox’ have put their individual stamp on the music they play, so the EP was a much enjoyed listen.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive

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