Review: The Missing Persians (CD)

Posted on: Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014

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Review for ‘THE MISSING PERSIANS’ – CD – ‘The Missing Persians’ – 2014 Self release

The first full album from ‘The Missing Persians’ is a refreshing change. It is not steeped in one style of music which keeps the interest going, with an eclectic mix of blues, country blues, Americana, rock, jazz, soul, funk, reggae and some alternative. All superb musicians, the Missing Persians hail from the Oxford area.

All the tracks on the album are self penned by Chris Cox, who fronts the band on lead vocals, acoustic guitars, and mandolin. With John Keston-Hole on impressive electric guitar and backing vocals, Chas Maguire on electric and stick bass, plus backing vocals and Nick Clack on pounding drums.

The first track on this interesting album is ‘Old Man’s Shoes’ which has a leaning towards rock n’ roll with shades of the Shadows, but has great vocals and lyrics. The next number ‘China Is The Workshop Of The World’, has a accomplished acoustic intro’, leading into an up tempo country feel.

‘Difference’ is a track that cannot be pigeon holed. With a touch of rock, Americana and country it has great lyrics and good harmonies. With a total change ‘Every Now And Then’ is a pleasant, easy listen number with reggae rhythms.

Funking it up with ‘Room With Richards’ a tongue in cheek track. Following is a slow track, ‘After The Bullfight’ with a Latino feel, lovely acoustic playing and a great story line.

‘Think’ gives us some class rhythm and blues with great use of mandolin from Chris, also a superb electric guitar solo from John. A real foot tapper, love it. Slowing the pace down ‘Liberation Day’ is melodic with a story and great harmonies.

‘Text Message’ has upbeat rhythms and I love the bass from Chas, the track is a bit Bonzo Dog-esque. The classic slow blues number, ‘Suitcase Blues’ has brilliant lyrics with some haunting guitar playing and a brilliant solo.

For the penultimate track, with a touch of Americana, ‘No Purpose’ has a story. The final number on this enjoyable album, ‘Move On’, has some great drumming from Nick, the train is coming. Class acoustic guitar with an extra special electric guitar solo to complete this splendid first album.

A pleasant surprise to have a first album with so much variation. A different sort of band that can’t be put into any one genre, they are ‘The Missing Persians’ and the music is their own. An excellent take!

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive

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