Review: Absolution – Dusty Road

Posted on: Sunday, Sep 7, 2014

Dusty Road Cover.jpg

Absolution -Dusty Road

(Blues Boulevard/Music Avenue 250361)

As a power-blues trio, I would imagine that multi-generational outfit Absolution are used to comparisons with Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Z.Z. Top. Such comments are probably not too unwelcome though, as though Absolution is resolutely a modern band, their inspirations obviously do include those esteemed names, judging from the music on this CD.

Another influence is Free; I was just thinking it was rather subtle when the single string guitar break came in on ‘Giving It Up and that clinched it!

This is a CD of classic blues-rock with a contemporary twist – Joe Fawcett’s vocals are light but not slight and his guitar playing exemplary, whilst the rhythm section kicks things along (though the band is not afraid to slow things down if necessary).

This band would go down a storm at a blues festivals in the UK – indeed Absolution already have played and been well-received at The Great British Rock And Blues Festival in Skegness and more recently at the Cambridge Rock Festival. Some months ago B.I.T.N.W. advised you not to miss Absolution’s gig in Chester – similarly, if you go for UK blues-rock, don’t pass up this CD.


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