Review: Dave ‘Hurricane’ Hoerl – Un-Twisted

Posted on: Monday, Sep 8, 2014


Dave ‘Hurricane’ Hoerl – Un-Twisted

(Full Swing: FSRCD004)

Born in San Francisco, wonderful blues harmonica player, leader of an acclaimed jump-blues band – California does seem to have cornered the market on these guys, who are routinely excellent and worth hearing, leaders in the modern blues. Such comments do apply to Dave “Hurricane” Hoerl, who is however also a little outside the criteria.

One of his early mentors in the Bay Area was Rick Estrin but Dave has been living in Canada since 1982. This is his debut solo album, following on from his work with The Twisters, Vancouver’s leading jump bluesers, who have released five albums in the last couple of decades, though here Dave’s soulful vocals and harmonica work (on both chromatic and diatonic harps) are backed by members of Dave’s band Hurricane & The Hooligans – and I was certainly pleased to note that the under-rated guitarist James “Buddy” Rogers makes a guest appearance on the opener.

The songs themselves are fresh and memorable blues items, and generally avoiding blues clichés – the closing solo version of ‘’I Left My Heart In San Francisco’ certainly does! Sadly, Dave suffered a massive stroke in June 2014 and local musicians have arranged benefits for him as I write this, though the future is very uncertain. Do note though that this set certainly stands on its own merits . . .


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