Review: Suit Ty Thurrsty – People In The Street

Posted on: Thursday, Sep 11, 2014


Suit Ty Thurrsty – People in The Street


Although, Suit Ty Thurrsty might sound to some like a weekday wardrobe attire reminder but, they are in fact a refreshingly witty and thought provoking, outside looking in power trio who consist of  Tom ‘Suit’ Forst; vocals, guitar and synthesiser, Tyree ‘Ty’ Pope; vocals, bass and Pedro ‘Big Thurrsty’ Johnson; vocals, drums. They are based in New York City / Connecticut and between them they have in the past played with a wide range of artists who include; Dionne Warwick, Melba Moore, Marshall Tucker, ‘Busta’ Rhymes, C.L. Smooth and the Atlanta Rhythm Section to name but a few.

Together they sound like everyone and nobody all at the same time; a powerful and intoxicating mixture or if you like, a combination of; soul, funk, rock and hip hop with a blues thread weaving and entwining throughout the eleven original numbers. “I Got The Blues”, is a loping, grooving, blues stroller but, the lyrics turn it all upside down by listing all the material benefits of a successful middle class blues player. This upside down theme is lyrically explored on most the subject matter on the album.

Strutting horns back a mean Chicago lead on “I’m Never Gonna’ Leave You”, while the band quietly explain the wish list of deranged stalker.  The comforting deep bass of “Diamonds”, beautifully glides alongside gentle harmonies and asks, why would you part with your love easier than you would diamonds to a thief? The funky street strutting “People In The Street”, and the barking “I’m Already Against The Next War”, are definitely anti politics and anti politicians that question their ethics, methods and morality.

This is a very engaging and entertaining musical journey into what the blues may be like in the future; witty, lyrically provoking and musically breaking down barriers, infusing the known with the jarringly unknown and yet magically inspiring and highly enjoyable.



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