Review: Garry Cogdell – Bandito Of The Heart/Peace

Posted on: Saturday, Sep 13, 2014

Garry Cogdell | What's a 45: 001

Garry Cogdell – Bandito Of The Heart/Peace

(What’s A 45? 001)

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, initially inspired by Sleepy John Estes, partially tutored by “Philadelphia” Jerry Ricks and with some strong George Thorogood connections (he gave a young George guitar lessons and he still frequently plays with Thorogood’s sidemen), singer and guitarist Garry Cogdell has issued this “cyber 45” as he calls it.

Although neither track is a straight blues – unlike most of the remainder of Garry’s sporadic output – both are still worthy of your attention. ‘Bandito’ is a driving, ever-so slightly psychedelic instrumental, with some fine stinging blues guitar. To my ears it owes something to The Yardbirds’ “freakbeat” sound from around 1966.

What would at one time have been the flip-side, ‘Peace’, is slower with a more wide open sound and with one word lyric lines; it sounds perhaps a little like a cousin of ‘Albatross’, once or twice removed. Garry’s music is always worth a listen (see YouTube) and once again, these two tracks are well worth checking out…


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