Review: Half Deaf Clatch – The Blues Continuum

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

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Review for ‘HALF DEAF CLATCH’ – CD – ‘THE BLUES CONTINUUM’ – 2014 Self release

‘Half Deaf Clatch’ from Hull, is a singer songwriter and down to earth blues man. He was aided in the writing and the performing by Red Burley on this exceptional self penned, self produced album ‘The Blues Continuum’. He was recently runner up in the Emerging Artist category of the British Blues Awards 2014 and deservedly so.

It was good to hear a raw take that has not been over mastered, with plenty of slide and stomp, it’s Delta blues as it should be played!

The first track on this down to earth blues album, ‘Storm Brewin’ is probably my favourite . It gives us great slide on the resonator guitar and is a really well put together number with earthy vocals to complete the ‘feel’.

Plenty of stomp on ‘Hill Country Rain’ and ‘Get Your Stomp On’ , with ‘Movin On’ showing Clatch’s expertise in finger picking on the resonator guitar for this melodic number.

‘R J Blues’ is a classic 12 bar blues with some great stomp and finger picking, moving on to a rolling blues number ‘Deathly Blues’. ‘Bury My Bones’ has some super slide on the resonator, terrific gravel vocals and great use of the stomp box.

Another superb finger picking blues, with some over dubbed slide on ‘If The Cap Fits’. Some more finger picking on the up tempo ‘Good Things’, this time on a standard guitar and with shared vocals with Red that worked well. Slowing it down with a southern country blues ‘Go It Alone’, showcasing the super slide on the resonator guitar. The final track on the album, and a bonus track is ‘Movin On’ again, this time with the use of a banjolele giving the number a real country feel. Great shared vocals with Red yet again.

All in all a good honest album that has a rawness of how the blues began. Clatch’s guitar playing, whether on resonator slide or finger picking shows how the influences of the old Delta bluesmen have impacted on his writing. His voice complements the style of music with its down to earth gravel sound and Red’s dulcet tones compliment his voice well. It was good to hear some authentic blues in this modern day electric market for a change.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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