Review: Rachelle Coba – Mother Blues

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014

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Review for RACHELLE COBA – CD – ‘MOTHER BLUES’ – 2014 Mono Records

Rachelle Coba from the USA, is a singer songwriter and guitar player and has produced an exceptional album with ‘Mother Blues’. With powerful soulful blues vocals and superb finger picking guitar style she is certainly one of the class ‘women of blues’ out there today. The album was produced and arranged by Rachelle and all tracks on the album are self penned bar one.

Rachelle takes the forefront on vocals, lead and rhythm guitar. She is also joined by a variety of class musicians on different tracks. On guitar Robert Cardwell and Jerry Hahn, on keys Ray Murry and Ron Taylor, on bass David M Santos and Jacob Webb and on drums Karl T Himmel.

The first track, ‘Never Been To Memphis’ is an up tempo rhythm and blues number with some classic piano input and was a great opener to an enjoyable album. Following, a soul based song, ‘Ain’t Got Time (To Fall In Love)’ which was well sung and played.

‘Worried Blues’ gives us a jazzy blues then slowing the pace down with acoustic based number ‘Between The Tracks’ which has a leaning towards soul. Another great acoustic take on the blues is ‘Chicago’, with excellent guitar work and is one of my favourites on the album.

The ‘Telephone Song’ is a slow full of passion blues with Hammond input and superb vocals. A well put together feel on the next track, ‘Mother Blues’. Written by Sam Taylor Jr it is a traditional 12 bar blues and has a great sound not unlike Bonnie Raitt. Moving on to ‘A Man Like You’, gives us a super smooth blues. Fabulous track with great guitar and jazzy rhythms.

For a total change ‘View From Here’ is a country blues with just Rachelle doing her ‘thang’, love it. ‘Let Your Love Shine’ is a rocky number with funky overtones with the Hammond humming in the background.

We also had a couple of remixed ‘bonus tracks to complete the album of ‘Never Been To Memphis’ (remix) and ‘Between The Tracks’ (remix)

A beautifully put together album. Rachelle has a superb voice and is a class guitarist.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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