Review: Blues Boy Kings – self-titled

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

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Review for BLUES BOY KINGS – CD – ‘Blues Boy Kings’ – re-release 2014 Self release

From Lincolnshire, the Blues Boy Kings are a blues band of high calibre and are active on the festival circuit. Their debut album, ‘Blues Boy Kings’ was initially released to a small audience in 2011 and it was decided, as the bands popularity has grown, to re release to a wider audience.

Although the line up is slightly different from today, it is a well put together and professional album, recorded at Tabby Road Studios, Swinderby, Lincs.

The line up on the album is Jase North on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Sam North on bass and vocals, Rich Taylor on rhythm guitar, Phil Aldridge on organ and Mark Barrett on drums and percussion. All the tracks on the album are self penned.

A great opener and beautifully put together track, ‘Trouble Come To My Back Door’ . A slow sultry blues with superb Hammond input and penetrating bass. Following was ‘So Alone’, leaning more towards southern rock, it had some great harmonies.

Loved the slide guitar on the 12 bar blues classic ‘Love That Woman’, with some great blues harp input. ‘East Shore’ has shades of Pink Floyd and is a pleasant melodic listen with acoustic guitar strumming in the background and heavyweight fuzzed guitar in the forefront, with superb vocals from Jase and Sam and a great guitar solo. A change again with a funky number, ‘Thing About Love’. There is some class guitar work and interesting backing vocals.

Rockin’ it up with a pounding Feelgood beat on ’21 Days’ , then back to some funky rhythms with Sam taking the lead vocals on ‘Make It Right’. For the next track, ‘Can’t Get Any Worse’, think Z Z Top, what a great number. ‘You Said You Love Me’ has Santana rhythms but what an epic track and amazing guitar. The final number on this exceptional album, ‘No Trains Coming’, gives us some funky blues and as with all the tracks on the CD, it is well performed and well put together.

The album has been beautifully produced and mastered and I wish Blues Boy Kings success ‘second time around’

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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