Review: Mud Morganfield – For Pops (A Tribute To Muddy Waters)

Posted on: Monday, Oct 27, 2014

Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson – For Pops (A Tribute To Muddy Waters)

(Severn Records: SEVCD64)

Lovers of classic Chicago blues read on.

Mud Morganfield is the eldest son of blues legend Muddy Waters; blessed with the genetic pipes of his late father there can’t be a person in the world better suited to making this album of his dad’s greatest hits.

An absolutely crack band led by harmonica ace Kim Wilson provide the backing for these 14 tunes of classic Chicago blues – the production is absolutely top class – as is standard for Severn Records – the songs really bounce out of the speakers. Right on the cone. It’s a real pleasure to listen to proper locked in twin guitars and piano – especially in this age of high octane self indulgent guitar slingers.

This record is not covering any new ground, nor is it intended to. But if you want the best tribute band around then this is your choice.

Mud Morganfield: Vocals
Kim Wilson: Harmonica
Billy Flynn: Guitar
Rusty Zinn: Guitar
Barrelhouse Chuck: Piano
Steve Gomes: Bass
Robb Stupka: Drums


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