Review: Timo Goss – It’s All About Love

Posted on: Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

Gross, Timo, It's All About Love (Cover)

Timo Gross – It’s All About Love

(Inakustik: INAK 9134 CD)

Timo Gross is a German singer and guitarist, born in Hanover in 1964 and who has established himself as an internationally acclaimed musician since his first album “Down To The Delta” in 2005.

This set moves away from the straight blues he sometimes plays towards a classic blues-rock and Americana styled album. Timo’s guitar playing, with its hints of vintage Clapton and just the slightest tinge of Hendrix, is forceful, strong and always appropriate, and his voice as gritty as it has ever been.

Those who grew up with the blues-inflected music of the early 70s will have no difficulty at all appreciating this set, nor will those who enjoy the more thoughtful side of the modern blues scene. Occasionally he recalls the vintage sound of The Rolling Stones – and he does actually cover 1971’s ‘Bitch’ here – with riffing, crunching guitar work, but he is a lot quieter on the slow burn blues of the title track.

‘Rusty Nail’ neatly combines blues and Americana, and is something of a vocal tour-de-force, as is ‘Weep’. ‘Flying Bird’ has just a hint of vintage Dire Straits (there is a lovely guitar break), and those looking for out-and-out blues are well served by the boogying and very aptly named ‘Lots Of Fun’. Watch out for this man, and look out for this album.


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