Review: Jordan Officer – I’m Free

Posted on: Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014


Jordan Officer – I’m Free

(Independent release: JOCD-7078)

Singer and guitarist Jordan Officer introduces himself rather nicely on the opening ‘At Least I’ve Got The Blues’ – “I’m from Montreal but I’m in New York right now” – whilst playing some tough blues licks over a strong rhythm section, and as he explains, he has played all kinds of music but has now returned to his early inspiration – the blues.

‘A Night Of Fun’ is part world music, part Paul Simon, part Bo Diddley, with the latter a far more obvious influence on ‘When We Were Just Two’ whilst ‘I’m Free’ is a slow number with strong hints of T-Bone in the guitar work and general approach.

Jordan’s vocals are quite matter-of-fact in an effective way, and his guitar playing tends to avoid rock styled excesses – in fact his playing on the instrumental ‘Jackie’s Tune’ is best described as brittle, and ‘Two Will Do’ demonstrates Jordan’s interest in jazz, in contrast to ‘Life Just Showed Me’ and the standard ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business’ which have traces of a down-home, Lightnin’ Hopkins approach.

Underlining his slightly unorthodox blues style, Jordan closes out with another instrumental – the spaghetti western theme ‘Hang ‘Em High’. I found this album needed several plays before I really began to get it – but it is worth the effort.


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