Gig: Scutch Manos – Ronnie’s (formerly Kiva), Macclesfield: Thursday, 27th November

Posted on: Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014

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Just in from Garry White of Bluefunk:

A recent scientific study (mine) has revealed that attending high quality live music shows can increase life expectancy by 0.03%, + 0.05%. Incontravertible evidence emerged that it can improve the quality of life to the power of 3.2.

The evidence can be found at any Bluefunk event throughout the audience, some these barmy buggers attend up to 5 gigs a week, all over the place and still rarely, if ever, miss a Bluefunk show.

It is known to cure deadly diseases (ref Wilko Johnson) and there is anecdotal evidence of it bringing cadavers back to life (give me a minute while I make some up).
In a typical Bluefunk audience the age range can be from 16 to 80 and when the house lights go down, if you take your specs off, you can’t tell the difference. Weird.

All these effects can be measured on the Scutch Manos scale (its a bit like the Beaufort scale for feelgood factor). Now you know where the name comes from, come down on Thursday and they will feel your goods. They’ll do the fellas and I’ll do the ladies. Trust me I’m a scientist.

Tickets: £6!scutch-manos/c1yyf

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