Review: Sauce Boss – 100% Pure

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014


Sauce Boss – 100% Pure

(Burning Disk: BD009)

The Sauce Boss, a.k.a Bill Wharton, established something of an international reputation back around the end of the 80s and start of the 90s with albums for King Snake and Ichiban, though these days he seems to have settled for playing around his home in Florida.

That’s our loss, as he has a tough one-man band approach, as exemplified on the first few tracks on this CD; with their driving blues guitar and thumping drums behind his lived in vocals.

Later on he becomes more eclectic, adding country (‘Cadillac Of A Woman’) and singer-songwriter (‘Song Of The Irish Band’) skills to his armoury, though he then finishes off with the heavy, dirty riffing rock-blues slide guitar groove of ‘Outlaw Blues’. Many of the dozen songs on this album are little vignettes form Bill’s life and are all the more convincing for that.


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