Review: Dana Fuchs – Songs From The Road

Posted on: Thursday, Dec 11, 2014


Review for DANA FUCHS – CD/DVD – ‘Songs For The Road’ – November 2014 RUF 1207

Originally from Florida, Dana Fuchs made her home in New York. The lady with a big voice, has been likened to that of Janis Joplin and this rings true on the live album, ‘Songs From The Road’.

Dana is supported on this live album, recorded at the Highline Ballroom, by Jon Diamond on guitars, Matt Beck on guitars, Jack Daley on bass, Pete Levin on keys and Joe Daley on drums, with backing vocals from the Screaming Sirens. Most of the tracks are taken from previous studio albums and many are self penned.

The opening track ‘Bliss Avenue’, is a slow blues rock with that Janice Joplin sound in evidence. More epic rock followed with ‘Handful Too Many’. Then a more funky number, ‘Livin’ On Sunday’, with great backing vocals working well with Dana’s voice.

Rockin’ it up with some rhythm and blues on ‘How Did Things Get This Way’. Then slowing the pace down on ‘So Hard To Move’, a poignant track with meaningful lyrics. A mix of rock and soul with ‘Summer Song’ and ‘Set It On Fire’. This led into a couple of acoustic numbers, ‘Sad Salvation’ with a gospel feel and ‘Tell me I’m Not Drinking’ a slow country number.

‘Rodents In The Attic’ gives us an up tempo Southern rock, with a touch of swinging rhythm & blues on ‘Nothing On My Mind’. Slowing the pace down on ‘Vagabond Wind’, a very Joplin style bluesy number, then a stomping country blues with ‘Long Long Game.

A great drum intro’ on ‘Keep On Walkin’, a funky feel classic rock. The penultimate number, an Otis Redding classic ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’, with the final track a Lennon and McCartney song, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

A mix of styles are on the album, which has a great feel for a live take. Some good musicianship and iconic vocals giving a raw earthiness with a true Joplin approach, – but with the Dana Fuchs allure.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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