Review: The Bushman Brothers – Condensation Fear (EP)

Posted on: Friday, Jan 9, 2015

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Review for THE BUSHMAN BROTHERS – EP – ‘Condensation Fear’ – 2014 Self Release

‘The Bushman Brothers’, Brian and Steve Kellner, were born in South Africa and moved to the UK in their teens. With Brian on exceptional guitar and Steve on pounding drums, their first album, ‘Tone Tonic’ released in 2012, was purely instrumental with an edge! They are now joined, on this interesting EP – ‘Condensation Fear’, by Paul Scott-Fulker on vocals . All the tracks on the album are self penned.

The first track ‘Blind Eye’ has haunting guitar and keys and some seriously meaningful lyrics with shades of the Doors, this excellent number sets the scene for the rest of the EP. Next ‘Blue Sky’s’ has great rhythms and harmonies on the vocals, with a feel of west coast rock, it gives us superb guitar work and is a well mastered track.

‘Condensation Fear’ and the name sake of the EP, has a great sound on the vocals and musically, then moving onto a bit of an anthem with ‘Surrender’, both tracks are in the realms of soft rock. The final track ‘One Life’, leans more towards prog’ rock, with the drums doing a great job. It has a definite Pink Floyd influence, but with a sound that is the Bushman Brothers own. A great take.

Although not particularly blues influenced, the album was a pleasant and easy listen.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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