Review: Tas Cru – You Keep The Money

Posted on: Monday, Jan 26, 2015

Tas Cru – You Keep The Money
(Crustee Tees)

This is the fifth album from this distinctive bluesman based in upstate New York. It contains a dozen original songs, played and sung by singer/ electric and acoustic guitarist/bandleader and songwriter Tas and his band, drawing on a 60s R&B approach in places – try the opener with its strong rhythm, backing vocalists and fine harmonica playing (shades of Sugar Blue here from Dick Earl Ericksen) and some memorable lyrics.

This kind of individual approach continues throughout the set’s 56 minutes, though with echoes of the UK 60s blues boom, classic Albert Collins, a nod to J.J. Cale and some contemporary Americana cropping up alongside the Chicago flavoured items.

There are a couple of very fine slow blues in ‘A Month Of Somedays’ and the beautiful instrumental ‘La Belle Poutine’, which both have traces of the 60s UK blues boom sound, whilst ‘A Little More Time’ is a fine and moody soul-tinged composition, and ‘One Bad Habit’ is a very loose limbed boogie.

Great band and great front man, “You Keep The Money” is a CD that is easy to recommend!


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