Review: Dan Burnett – Storyville (EP)

Posted on: Monday, Feb 9, 2015

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Review for – ‘DAN BURNETT ‘ – EP – ‘Storyville’ – 2015 (Self-release)

Dan Burnett is one of the finest vocalist, keyboard and piano players I have seen for a long while. As a singer songwriter from Harrogate, he was brought up on blues, soul, funk and rock and gives us a taster of what his music is all about on his new exciting EP, ‘Storyville’

Dan Burnett goes out live, as a solo artist and with his band, on vocals and keys. On this excellent EP he is joined by a variety of musicians, Martyn Swain on bass, Ed Dennis and Jason Odle on drums, Miles Gilerdale on guitar, Frank Mizen on horns and Lucy Mizen on backing vocals. All the tracks are self penned and were recorded and mastered by Dan Mizen at Active Audio Studio, Harrogate.

The first track, ‘Happiest Man Alive’ is a brilliant funky, up tempo number in a ‘retro motown’ style. Dan’s vocals, with shades of Stevie Wonder, are just superb, as are the keyboard playing and guitar input. Slowing the pace down, ‘Before You Go’ is a beautiful track, with poignant vocals and lyrics. The piano input is excellent and with the addition of brass, it gives a big sound.

‘More Than You Deserve’ is wonderfully funky, with mixed tempos. It has a great guitar intro and again, the brass input gives it a ‘full on’ sound. It is a brilliantly laid down track, and the more I listen to it, the more musical notations come into the frame. The drumming is also superb, love it. The final track on this exceptional EP, is a slow bluesy number ‘You’re Going To Shine’ with Dan going solo on keys. He sings with passion and feeling and the song has powerful lyrics.

The whole album is really well put together, but by far the most important thing, is the musical genius of Dan Burnett which comes across in the songs he has written and played. I would certainly recommend the EP and if you get a chance to see Dan live I would say you wouldn’t be disappointed. I will look forward to a hearing a full CD in the future.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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