Review: Tangled Eye – The Other Seven Songs

Posted on: Monday, Feb 16, 2015

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Tangled Eye – The Other Seven Songs
(Black & Tan B&T 947 – download only)

Tangled Eye consists of Dutch label boss Jan Mittendorp on guitar, Jasper Mortier on drums and Dallas, Texas-born Dede Priest on vocals and violin – a rather unconventional line-up producing a fine if slightly unconventional blues sound! The trio’s first album, “Dream Wall”, was issued in January 2014; they had written 21 songs for the sessions but only used 14 – so here are the other seven.

There’s no sound of barrel-scraping though, the approach is fiercely individual; it can sometimes be a little sparse, but always with the feeling that this is intentional. The album opens with ‘Call Before You Come’, a fairly straight-forward Texas shuffle with a fine soulful vocal from Dede; she turns in a sassier vocal and some Gatemouth Brown styled fiddle playing on ‘I Am’.

‘India’ pitches a slightly ethereal vocal and arrangement over a driving rhythm (think perhaps of a much higher pitched Otis Taylor!) and with hints of the sub-continent in the guitar and violin playing; ‘Poisoned’ moves to a much harder groove and bigger sound, ‘Rapture’s Disaster’ is another fine shuffle, and ‘Sister’s Blue Door’ is a powerful performance.

‘Walls Of The Madhouse’ closes out a very distinctive release at a lazy lope. If you want an alternative to high energy guitar bands or country blues retreads, do try this!


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