Review: Girls With Guitars – Eliana Cargnelutti, Sadie Johnson & Heather Crosse

Posted on: Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015


Review for ELIANA CARGNELUTTI, SADIE JOHNSON, HEATHER CROSSE – CD – ‘Girls With Guitars’ -2015 – Ruff Records – RUF1211

A mixed collection of rock and rhythm and blues on this album ‘Girls With Guitars’. The three girls are – Eliana Cargnelutti on guitar and vocals, from northern Italy, Sadie Johnson on guitar and vocals, from Indiana, USA and Heather Crosse on bass and vocals, from Mississippi, USA, with the addition of guesting musicians on drums and keys.

It was not an album that blew me away, but I’m sure it will please some, as the youth of the ‘guitar playing girls’ is certainly appealing. All the tracks, bar three, were self-penned.

The first track ‘Girl Band’, is a classic rock number, on which the vocals would need to be stronger to give maximum effect. The guitar playing was good but not exceptional. Next a blues rock number ‘Tush’, a basic 12 bar with some okay slide guitar and lead guitar input.

A classic 12 bar in the style of Bonnie Raitt, ‘This House Just Ain’t My Own, was a ‘musically’ well put together track, but again the vocals let it down. ‘Feelin’ Alright’ gave us a jazzy funky number which worked well and was one of the better tracks on the album. The vocals were more appropriate to this style of music.

A pleasant slow blues ‘ She May Have You, But I Got Yo Heart’, worked well and was also well sung and played. A bit more classic rock with ‘I Hate Myself For Loving You’, lacked the ‘oomph’ you would expect on a hard rock track, although it did have a good bass line.

Upping the ante with a bit of ‘swing’ to liven things up, was a pleasant surprise for the rock ‘n rollers! Continuing the 50’s theme with ‘Shades Of Love’, which was musically sound, but vocally weak.

Returning to some standard 12 bar rockin’ blues on ‘Life’ – not rocket science but basically okay. The slow number that followed, ‘Say Goodbye’ was pleasant and well sung. The final number on the album, was again a classic rock, ‘Wish You Hadn’t Gone’ and very average.

The appeal of having three young women playing together is okay, but as yet, they lack the ‘get down and dirty’ appeal in the vocals to carry off classic rock and blues rock numbers. Musically, they are certainly proficient, if not a little samey, as the hundreds of blues rock bands out on the circuit today. All I would say is, stick with the music that suits the voices. There were a couple of good tracks that worked well and definitely had the edge on this album.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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