Review: Eliana Cargnelutti – Electric Woman

Posted on: Monday, Feb 23, 2015

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Review for ELIANA CARGNELUTTI – CD – ‘Electric Woman’ – 2015 RUF 1214

Eliana Cargnelutti is an Italian blues rock guitarist and singer songwriter. Her new album ‘Electric Woman’ gives a taster of what she is all about. With Eliana on vocals and guitars she was well assisted by Roger Inniss on bass, John Ginty on keys, Jamie Little on drums and Albert Castiglia on slide guitars. All the tracks are self-penned, bar three and the album is on Ruf Records.

The first track, ‘Why Do I Sing The Blues’ is a funky number with a nice drum intro. Following some classic rock, ‘Just For Me’, an okay track, but the vocals are a bit ‘sweet’ for heavy rock. ‘Street Corner Talking’ is a musically well put together classic rock blues number. Then one of the covers on the album, ‘Soulshine’, is a good try at Southern rock, but doesn’t quite hit the spot.

‘Show Me’, a pure rock number , on which I enjoyed the musical input, especially the rhythm section, but sadly the vocals didn’t quite do it for me. Some nice Hammond input on the next number ‘Everybody Needs Love’, a soul blues with a touch of rhythm and blues. The blues rock number , ‘I’m A Woman’ was not quite ‘raunchy’ enough for full impact. A change, with a touch of standard rhythm and blues with slide guitar on ‘There’s Going To Be Some Rockin”. Although the musicianship is good it didn’t quite get there.

‘Freedom’ is again a lacking rock number, but the penultimate track, ‘I Saw Your Eyes’ brought a slow ballad with bossa nova rhythms . A pleasant track which suits Eliana’s voice much more. The final number on the album ‘Eliana’s Boogie’, a rockin’ up tempo instrumental belting it out like ZZ Top, was a bit raw round the edges, but the drum and bass were working hard with good effect.

Although Eliana has great guitar expertise, she lacks the vocal power to carry off the sound of a blues rock diva. She came into her own with the slower more melodic numbers, which in my opinion suit her voice much better. It will be interesting to listen to more of this young lady, in a year or so, if she remains on the rockin’ road.

Rosy Greer – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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