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Posted on: Monday, Mar 2, 2015

Important Bluefunk news in from Garry White:

Ladies and gentlemen, I have for you some news. You may have wondered (maybe not) why you have not heard anything from me for an unusual period of time, as usual there is a reason. Ronnies Bar has closed. Today. I became aware that this was going to happen some weeks ago and have, rather than skulk about feeling sorry for myself and you, been working to find us a new home.

Not normally being someone who looks over his shoulder, preferring to look forward always, I found myself in a situation this time that the only solution was in fact to look back. The Club is returning to The Poynton Legion (not to be confused with the  Workies where we moved afterwards).

Effectively we are going back to our roots, the first venue where we stayed long enough to establish the club’s reputation. In all honesty we never wanted to leave when we did. Without pointing any fingers or naming names we will put it down to circumstances.

Those particular circumstances are no longer at the club so after a brief conversation with Nick the Steward we were welcomed back with open arms.
Dates I had already booked have been transferred over with one exception that they cannot accommodate, Ben Poole on April 25th. He is just too good to lose so I will still try to place him elsewhere before moving over lock stock and barrel.

Speaking of barrels there is more than one reason to use the Legion It has won the CAMRA Club of the Year 2012, 2013, 2014. Yes that’s right, the bar there is impeccable with a plethora of cask ales to choose from.

We will be hosting a regular 3rd Thursday night for bands and, something new for you, a regular 1st Sunday roots acoustic night. The Sundays will be opening and closing earlier than regular gigs and will feature international artists. Other dates will be used as well when they are available to take artists we otherwise would not get.

Don’t know yet when we will kick off at the Legion because I am still busy booking dates. Meanwhile for a flavour of what we have so far, see the Website –

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