Gig: The Alex Mckown Band – Bluefunk at Poynton Legion: Thursday, 19th March

Posted on: Monday, Mar 9, 2015

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Ticket : £8 booked, £9 door

Well, here we are, returning to the roots of Bluefunk, back to where the Club first put down a marker eight years ago There are quite a few of you still around and still coming regularly to wherever Bluefunk hangs its hat and plenty more who will hopefully return to the fold now we are back in Poynton. I look forward to seeing some old friends.

I wanted this first one to be special and have a direct link to those early days of Bluefunk and I believe this is as good as it could be on many levels. Those of you who still have a memory 😉 cast your mind back about seven years plus, at the Poynton Legion.

I had promised you something special, and special it was. Via Jim Kirkpatrick I brought in, for the first time, Bernie Marsden of Whitesnake. Pretty good you’d have to agree but then I threw you a curve ball and put a band in as a support. A band calling themselves ‘Inside’, average age 11 years old who were going to be doing their first proper gig supporting a rock legend.

Most of you thought I was barmy, Bernie Marsden thought I was barmy. Then you heard them play. Suddenly I was not barmy, I was a genius and Bernie couldn’t wait to get HIS photo taken with THEM after the show.

Yes, they were all but knee high to Stratocaster but they had something special.

That something was a young lad called Alex Mckown. After the show, talking to the lads, all of whom showed promise, young Alex stood out as the one who was really focussed on what he wanted to achieve and where he wanted to go. Even then, blues was his driver, blues was where he wanted to be. I was impressed.

Here we are, seven years on and Alex has two albums under his belt, the latest being his original work and since the age of 14 he has had four consecutive nominations for the Young Artist of the Year (finalist each year) in the British Blues Awards. He still has three years before he is too old for the category!

He is now 18 and has done the Paul Jones show, dozens of high profile Blues festivals, hundreds of gigs, has his work on compilation CDs alongside the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout, Robert Cray and The Royal Southern Brotherhood.

How RIGHT was I about this kid.

That’s what I call a homecoming GIG!

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