Review: My Own Holiday – Reason To Bleed

Posted on: Tuesday, Mar 24, 2015


My Own Holiday – Reason To Bleed

(Eclecto Groove Records: EGRCD517)

Recently released on the excellent Eclecto Groove Records is this label debut for the Californian duo, My Own Holiday – namely Joey Chrisman (guitar and vocals) and Nick Bartolo (drums). The pair hail from the inland resort community of Lake Arrowhead, and on “Reason To Bleed” have fashioned a most engaging 13-track collection of original songs, which are all self-penned.

As a duo it would be easy to compare the band to The White Stripes and The Black Keys, with their stripped down guitar and drums sound, and indeed maybe the material does at times nod that way, but the strength of the songs and the musicianship carries the songs – which at times rock hard, and at others have pop, punk and folk touches.

They get down to business with the opening riff of “Hold On Me” – a tough rocker, that is followed by the equally appealing “Razorblades”, with the driving drums of Nick Bartolo and Joey Chrisman’s growling guitar chords. The pace is taken down for the folky “Memphis”, an ode to one of America’s foremost influential music cities. “Devil In Me” takes the pace back up and rides on a lovely guitar groove from Chrisman.

The pretty “Whiskey In The Well” is almost an acoustic lullaby; with another ‘gear change’ for the brooding guitar riff of the standout “On The Floor Blues”, with fine performances from both players. Elsewhere the rocking boogie of “Smile” is another gem, as is the closing acoustic number “Right Back Where I Started” – the nearest track to country on the album.

A most promising Eclecto Groove debut and very enjoyable!


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