Review: LaVendore Rogue – Light Up With . . . LaVendore Rogue

Posted on: Tuesday, Apr 14, 2015


Review for LAVENDORE ROGUE – CD – ‘Light Up With .. LaVendore Rogue’ – 2015 LVR002

Coming in with a fresh approach, LaVendore Rogue are certainly causing a stir with a great album ‘Light Up With .. LaVendore Rogue’. For something completely different, ‘LaVendore Rogue’, from the Colchester area, have emerged from the ashes of the favourite ‘Hokie Joint’, with three of the previous members holding court. Certainly not a traditional blues band, they have opted for a more melodic approach leaning towards soft rock/Americana – but you really can’t put these guys in any ‘box’ as their music is ‘LaVendore Rogue’ and speaks for its self.

The flamboyant JoJo Burgess fronts the band, giving out fantastic vocal arrangements, aided by Joel Fisk who also plays some ‘mean’ guitar – electric, acoustic and slide. Stephen ‘Cupsey’ Cutmore continues to keep the rhythm in check on drums and percussion, along with Rob ‘Tank’ Barry on bass and Warren Lynn on keys. Naomi Poole was a special guest on cello. All tracks, bar one, are self penned. A brilliant band and if you like something a bit different, so catch them if you can!

The first track ‘Dead Man’s Chest’, hits you as a great opener with superb vocals from JoJo and Joel. A rockin’ track with some excellent guitar work. This is followed by ‘The Maze’ which leans towards Americana, again with great vocals from JoJo and superb guitar work from Joel throughout. A tight well mastered track.

Piano and cello open the next number, ‘Animal’. A slower track, with a poignant story line and great harmonies. One of my favourites next with ‘Honey Murder’, giving us earthy raw fuzz guitar and superb bass line and keyboard input from Rob and Warren. Joel’s playing is exceptional , plus the track has great drum rhythms from Stephen and again, brilliant vocals from JoJo – perhaps with hints of the Doors?

Slowing the pace right down, the totally atmospheric track ‘Riot’, that tells a story. Upping the tempo again with ‘Gangsters Thieves And Villains’, earlier released as a single, it is a superb track in an Americana style, with great acoustic guitar and slide from Joel.

Ethereal organ intro with acoustic guitar and piano, with some great lyrics with a story line on ‘A.S.A.D.’ a melodic and sad tale about drug abuse. Moving to some up tempo music in a ‘home’ style that has a definite LaVendore Rogue stamp with ‘Siesta Resistance’, a brilliant guitar solo from Joel yet again.

The penultimate track on this excellent album is ‘Tattoo’, which leans towards Americana, using a more melodic approach with acoustic guitar and some class Hammond and piano from Warren. The final track ‘Play It All Night Long’ is a meaningful song about the trials of life. With Hammond input, tight drumming and haunting slide guitar from Joel it is a great track to complete this exceptional album.

The album has the ‘wow’ factor, but if you see the band live you get the whole picture, which is certainly part and parcel of their charm, with great musicianship and entertainment.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive and Independent Reviewer

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