Review: Rusty Wright Band – Wonder Man

Posted on: Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rusty Wright Band – Wonder Man

(Sadson Music)

This is the fifth Rusty Wright album, and if powerhouse blues-rock is your thing, go for it! Flint, Michigan based singer/ guitarist/ bandleader Rusty and his crew tread that thin line between the two genres with ease, a number like ‘Chinfoot Ball’ recalling the likes of Z.Z. Top. Albert King or Freddie King come to mind on a couple of other tracks (try ‘Ain’t That The Blues’ or ‘Gonna Come A Day’), or they just simply rock out joyfully, as on the instrumental ‘Corvette Sunday’.

The title track has a big horn section to power things along, ‘Arms Of Another’ has hints of a Robert Cray sound (and this is a good place to note the quality of Rusty’s vocals) and the massive-sounding ‘Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman’ is a dirty, riffing, rock-blues – then again, try the truly smokin’ ‘Black Hat Boogie’: crazed vocals, hip lyrics, cool but red-hot sound, great slide guitar solo.

The lyrics of several songs tend to refer to computers, social media and the other paraphernalia of modern life – and they also document that Rusty perhaps doesn’t always take himself too seriously, not always the case with blues-rock.

These guys are coming to Europe in October this year, maybe some enterprising promoter could pick them up for the UK – they certainly sound like they’d put on quite a show!


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